Why you should think local when choosing your property lawyer

Whether you’re a first time buyer, are looking to move up the housing ladder or are considering downsizing, thinking local when selecting a conveyancer has never been more important.

For example, let's say that you live in Wiltshire and are about to sell your house but are not sure which Law firm to instruct. Your estate agent then recommends a solicitor in Leicestershire who charges £199 for their Residential Property services. The question you need to ask yourself is, is this sensible or should I consider a local firm like Goughs?

Firstly, ask your estate agent why they have recommended a firm a few hundred miles away? If it’s because they are part of a “chain” and are told to, then it’s not a genuine recommendation.

If you think that’s the case ask around, ask family and friends, and get a genuine recommendation. At Goughs we’re not scared to be compared with others, we are proud of our service and know that clients use us again and again and happily recommend us.

Secondly, check the price carefully. Some providers flag up a headline figure to catch your eye, but is that the real price? Have you read the small print? If you’re thinking of using an online firm ask for the full price (including all the extras) and then compare it with ours. We provide full details about likely costs at the outset.

So what are the potential disadvantages of using a law firm hundreds of miles away or online?

  • If you have to move quickly and need to get a document to your lawyer would you prefer them to be on your high street, so you can drop it in today or 200 miles away?
  • If something crops up and you need it explained face-to-face, how are you going to do it?
  • Let’s not forget that at Goughs our local Conveyancers know this area well and you can benefit from their local knowledge.

At Goughs we ensure that you always receive a personal service from a named residential property specialists with years of experience, who takes personal responsibility for your sale and purchase and will act as your single point of contact throughout.

This level of personal service from a named individual is especially important as occasionally the conveyancing process will highlight issues with the property you are purchasing or selling. By building a relationship with you, our team of experienced professionals are perfectly placed to understand your needs and to foresee any potential problems.

Our excellent local knowledge and equally good relationships with local agents will also help guide you through to a successful conclusion.

For more information about the benefits of thinking local please contact one of our a member of our team today, who would be delighted to hear from you.