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Goughs can help your business put your change plans into action

Goughs can help your business put your change plans into action

How we help businesses through change

Any business is always in a state of perpetual change and adapting to market conditions. This can require changes to the workforce and contingent workforce. Employment law dictates how these adaptations can be made. Goughs’ expert team will guide you safely through the process whether it is a re-organisation, a redundancy exercise, a business sale or acquisition TUPE transfer.

What does change management mean for your business?

A business reorganisation is a useful and sometimes necessary step as businesses react to economic change. This is a time for your business to consider its needs and its workforce. Frequently, a re-organisation results in a reduction in headcount or a change in the way existing employees are arranged. A re-organisation requires planning and consultation. A re-organisation or a costs saving exercise that reduces headcount will also demand that particular steps are taken in terms of planning the exercise, deciding which employees are likely to be affected, warning those employees and engaging in meaningful consultation before making any decision to dismiss.

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Change Management FAQs

Change management can mean many different things depending on the needs of the business whether that means reducing headcount, changing roles and duties or buying or selling a company. These changes are obviously significant for business owners and employees alike. The management of change means dealing with the evolving needs of a business in a systematic, comprehensive and meaningful way. Successful change management will assist a company to achieve its goals not only in a commercially astute way but also one that ensures compliance with relevant legal obligations and which will maintain sound employer-employee relations.

There is no statutory timetabled regime to dictate the length of any type of change management process. However, they all share one fundamental thing in common which is the requirement to plan, inform and consult before change can be implemented. That process has to be undertaken systematically and over a reasonable period of time so that all employees and stakeholders understand what process is actually planned, how it will affect them and ensure proper consultation takes place.

All businesses are constantly evolving. As a part of that natural state, every business will from time to time need to evaluate how and where its staff are best deployed and how to manage the business financially to ensure stability and sustained growth. The management of the process of change is hugely important. Changes to roles, duties and legal ownership demand due process in order to comply with employment law. Effective management of change ensures that all necessary steps are taken and risks can be identified and removed as the process develops.

There are three key concepts for change management. A redundancy process, big or small, is a reduction in personnel driven by financial concerns. This change will save money and reduce the headcount. A business -re-organisation is a plan to change the way a business is ordered in order to deploy the right people in the right roles in order to make improvements and efficiencies. This change will involve changes to terms and conditions, duties and line management structures. A TUPE transfer is a change in legal ownership of a business. That change requires an exchange of information between buyer and seller and the cascade of that information to all affected employees. Our employment law team at Goughs can steer you safely through all of these possibilities.

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