Farming and Family Law

Relationship breakdown is always a stressful and difficult time for those concerned. However, for those in the farming community, it has the potential to have particularly damaging implications. The farm is often both the family home and a business and in many cases there is an emotional attachment to both, especially where the family have been involved in the farm for many years.

As such, advising farmers and their families on the issues arising on separation requires an appreciation of the matters that are specific to the farming way of life. Of course, not all farms are the same and each situation will be different but having an understanding of the issues that are faced in the rural community is vital to ensure that the advice is tailored and focussed.

At Goughs, we have a longstanding history of working with the rural community. We build relationships with our clients, we get to know what is important for them and we look to provide them with solutions to the problems they are facing using our experience and technical knowledge.

We also provide advice to those looking to obtain some protection from a future relationship breakdown, through cohabitation, pre and post marital agreements.