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It is a sad but true fact that one marriage in three ends in divorce. When a marriage or relationship comes to an end it can be a painful experience for all concerned. 

With such emotional issues we want to be able to support you and minimise the stress of your situation, especially when children are involved.

Experience has taught us that every situation is different. As such our expert and experienced Family Team will listen carefully, be objective and then offer tailored advice specific to you and your circumstances.

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What's it like to work in the Family department at Goughs?

With an emphasis on working towards an amicable agreement whenever possible, we aim to minimise court involvement. In support of this philosophy we have three fully trained collaborative lawyers within the Family Team.

The collaborative process encourages parties to work together with the support of the collaborative lawyer, communicating effectively to achieve distinct goals.

Importantly it avoids costly court intervention, promotes respect between the parties, places the needs of children first and keeps control of the divorce process with the spouses. It works just as well for unmarried couples, or civil partners, who are separating.

Our Family team has extensive experience in handling cases with no financial issues right through to multi million pound divorce settlements involving business assets, foreign property and pension sharing.

We also specialise in, and provide expert advice and guidance on, disputes concerning children. Whatever your current situation, with Goughs you can be confident that you are in good hands.

For tailored legal advice arrange your free half-hour initial consultation today.