New Year, New Beginnings – Life after Divorce

The festive season is an opportunity for friends and family to get together, however, it can also be a stressful and emotionally challenging time for many couples. Unfortunately, this can sometimes highlight issues in the relationship which may lead to one, or both, partners or spouses considering a separation or divorce.  Others may have been waiting until after Christmas to separate, concerned about the effect this would have on their children.

Whatever your situation is, you can rest assured we are here for you. Our award-winning family team have helped hundreds of families – whether you are the person looking to move things forward, or have been faced with something you really didn’t expect.

In either case, here are some constructive suggestions from our family law team to help get your New Year off to a positive start:

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1. Consider couples counselling

It might be possible to save the marriage or improve communications.

2. Take advice early

It is also important to take advice from a specialist family lawyer at an early stage. This can put you in the best position when considering a separation. Your lawyer can talk through the law that relates to divorce, financial settlements and child arrangements. They will also run through the procedure and the range of options for negotiating settlements, the costs, the time frame and a possible outcome.

3. Choose your lawyer carefully

A recommendation from a trusted friend, relative or colleague is worth a great deal. Also look for accreditations from reputable organisations that undertake independent reviews, such as Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

4. Be honest with your lawyer and your spouse about money

Don’t try to hide assets, or understate the value of what you have. Doing this is likely to delay progress, cost more in legal fees, and could lead to a carefully structured settlement collapsing when the truth comes to light. Learn more about legal support during divorce.

5. Be patient

Divorce takes time – often you will be waiting for your spouse to respond to communication, or for the court to deal with a procedure. It can sometimes seem interminable, but you will get there.

6. Look after yourself

It can be easy to overlook your mental health during a divorce,  but going through a separation is one of the most emotionally challenging life events so make sure that you have support from friends and family. Sometimes it’s a good idea to talk to a counselor who has a neutral view on the situation. Having support with the emotional side of a relationship breakdown makes it easier to deal with the legal side.

How can Goughs help?

Our team of family lawyers at Goughs understand that many people considering separation are anxious and have a number of questions and fears regarding what may be their future arrangements. We also understand that each person will have their own unique set of circumstances. All meetings with Goughs divorce solicitors and the advice given are confidential.

Our family team offers an initial confidential consultation, free of charge so that we can guide you through these issues and advise on the next steps. To arrange an appointment please click here.

Client service and well being are clearly a priority for the team as family and matrimonial matters are particularly sensitive and require careful, level-headed and firm handling.” Chambers & Partners, 2023

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Author Bio

Rhianna Cole

I have over 14 years’ experience as a Family Law specialist. I greatly enjoy the different aspects and challenges of this area of law. I take the time to get to know my clients in order to understand their objectives and desired outcomes. Where appropriate and possible I promote a conciliatory approach to issues, focusing on the needs of the client and always putting the wellbeing of any children involved first. My advice is clear, pragmatic, honest and outcome-focused in order to find the right solution for each individual. Experience has taught me the importance of building trusting relationships with my clients so I can effectively guide them through what are bound to be emotional and challenging times in their lives with compassion.

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