Protection of family and business assets upon the ending of a relationship

Each side of a couple going through separation, particularly where there are a large number of assets including family estates or business interests that have been accrued before or during the relationship, have different priorities to one another. 

One may simply be after a quick and easy settlement to get what they deem to be their fair entitlement.

However, we understand that it can sometimes be the priority of one partner to protect and preserve a particular family estate, property or business for the future in order to provide one or both parties with an ongoing stable income or to protect the asset for future generations. 

This can be particularly important where the property or business has been in the family for many previous generations.

Those couples whose wealth is significant, such that the assets available are sufficient to meet their housing and retirement needs, have options available to them to divide the asset portfolio on divorce but need to be guided through those options expertly so as to achieve the most beneficial outcome for them as individuals whilst keeping one eye on the future generations.

We have a wealth of experience in dealing with high net worth divorce settlements tailored to a particular family’s needs aiming to best protect assets for the future wherever possible.

Please contact a member of the Private Wealth team for advice on wealth protection following relationship breakdown.