Isabel Figueiredo

Isabel Figueiredo


Isabel grew up in South Africa and moved to the UK in 2000 to join family. Initially studying law at the College of Law London, she then completed her training in London.  Isabel is currently on maternity leave.

Isabel is a Partner and is based in our Calne office, where she assists in the sale or purchase of residential property and ensures that a high quality, tailored service is provided to all clients.

She also specialises in lease extensions, help to buy and military help to buy schemes. 

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Where did you grow up?
South Africa
What was your first job?
Pharmacist Assistant
What are your hobbies?
Movies, music & reading
What is your favourite food?
What is your favourite drink?
What is your favourite film?
The Green Mile
What is your favourite group/artist?
Nelly Furtado  
Your likes?
Your dislikes?
Any personal ambitions?