Accidents at work

Every workplace has its risks - some greater than others - and employers are required, by law, to ensure your safety at work so as to prevent injury or illness.

Common accidents at work are often caused by faulty work equipment, inadequate training and protection or the lack of proper risk assessment for the protection of employees.

These may result in back, neck, head, upper or lower limb injuries as well as burns or scalds.  Illness resulting from working practices may include: carpal tunnel syndrome, psychological trauma and repetitive strain.

What may have started as a minor injury may progress to a serious condition that has an impact on you, your well being and that of your family.

It is often challenging to take action against an employer because of the feared risk to your job and the financial challenge of being out of work.  At Goughs we will protect your position and talk you through the process in order to recover swift compensation, and address any treatment needs. 

If you are thinking of raising a claim or would like further information regarding any of the points mentioned above, please contact a member of the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Department or arrange your free initial consultation today.

Further information

Health and safety at work is no accident, employers have a duty of care

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