New School Year, New Start

By Matthew Drew, 25th August 2020

The summer holidays are over and children are about to embark upon the next chapter as they move into the new school year – or perhaps to a new school altogether. This new school year marks a huge positive step forward for everyone after what has been a rather tumultuous 2020 so far. 

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Some parents may also be looking for a new start due to a relationship breakdown or separation. This may have been triggered by the pressures of lockdown which even the summer holidays could not resolve. These parents have to do their best to juggle new starts for their children and themselves.

At Goughs Solicitors, our experience is that the best results are found when parents put their children first - as family law requires. The national family lawyers’ association Resolution suggests key messages that children need to hear from separating parents, publishing detailed guides which we are always happy to share with our clients.

Our dedicated and experienced family law team actively promotes constructive methods for resolving disputes which are both supportive and positive.

Collaborative practice - specially trained family lawyers and the separating parents work as a team focusing on a positive outcome for the whole family.

Mediation - a neutral third party facilitator aids communication and negotiation between ex-partners.

Family lawyers can also signpost their clients to specialist counselling services such as Relate and others where necessary. So if you’re in this situation, you are not alone.

Do not be tempted to rush important decisions without taking specialist legal advice first. A change of school? A house move? These are vital issues with long-term implications for all family members. Experienced family lawyers will do all they can to advise and support their clients in the decisions they face and will help create clear and workable child arrangements for separated parents. 

Early advice from an expert family lawyer will always help the separating parties to understand the family’s financial needs and how they might be met with the resources available. It is also beneficial to plan a mutually acceptable level of child maintenance which  reflects the outgoings and needs of both parties. 

Another important consideration (for married couples or civil partners) is how best to bring their legal partnership to an end. We guide our clients, ensuring they fully understand all options available to them within the law, allowing them to make informed decisions for themselves and their children. This ensures the best possible new start for everyone involved.

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Matthew Drew - Partner and Head of the Family Department 01249 712193

“My advice to anyone going through a relationship breakdown would be to seek legal advice from someone you can trust and be open with. Your lawyer will ultimately become an extension of your support network so speak with them on the phone before making any decisions.”