COVID-19 & Moving House During Lockdown

COVID-19 & Moving House During Lockdown

The Government’s latest guidance for home movers has been issued.

They advise that there is no need to withdraw from transactions but during this time of “stay at home” advice, we must all prioritise public health and the protection of ourselves and others.

Questions to be answered in this article

What should I do if we have already exchanged contracts?

If you have already exchanged contracts the advice is as follows.

  • Where you are moving into an empty property you may continue with the move, providing you are able to do so, while observing the guidelines on social distancing.
  • If you are moving to a property that is currently occupied the guidance is that you, through your solicitors should seek to come to an agreement with all parties to delay the moving date. As your solicitors, we at Goughs will take a collaborative approach to seek to achieve this in everyone’s best interests.

What happens to my mortgage?

The Government has agreed with banks and other lenders that mortgage offers can be extended for up to three months to allow for delays caused by Covid-19.

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What should I do if we have not exchanged contracts?

If you have not already exchanged contracts then the advice is that moves should not be planned during the current lockdown period. We will continue to progress your matter and, if we reach the point of exchange of contracts, will discuss with you the inclusion of appropriate clauses in the Contract to allow for any delays caused by the Covdi-19 situation. This is in keeping with the Government’s advice.

In the meantime, how can Goughs help?

In the meantime, at Goughs we are:

  • If you are a current client we will be contacting you to discuss the implications your specific circumstances.
  • Supporting and facilitating the sale of empty properties, where possible.
  • Work collaboratively with our clients, other solicitors, estate agents and chains to make variations to completion dates for those who have exchanged and are due to move during this period.
  • Advising clients with ongoing matters that, when contracts are exchanged, we will include clauses making explicit provision for delays caused by Covid-19.


Article by Sarah Thomson 

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