Wednesday Wisdom Webinars

Get up to date, relevant and pragmatic advice for your business.

Get up to date, relevant and pragmatic advice for your business.

New employment webinars launched to help employers

Goughs Solicitors are delighted to launch their series of Wednesday Wisdom Webinars. Led by Head of Employment, Rebecca Dennis, they are your opportunity to tune in and get up to date, relevant and pragmatic advice for your business.

These live 60-minute sessions will cover an array of employment law topics which are fundamental for business owners to avoid pitfalls, debunk the myths of employee relations and guide you to successful resolutions.

The audience will comprise a select group of business owners and managers. This is a cost free way for you to stay connected and well informed on employment law and best HR practice.

Webinars in 2022 you can attend

Every month up until October of 2022 Rebecca will be running an employment webinar for anyone who wants to attend. For full details of what is involved in each webinar please email Rebecca and she can give you a detailed breakdown.

Upcoming Webinars

25th May: The fundamentals of unfair dismissal and how to dismiss fairly and safely.

29th June: Discrimination – how it happens and how to avoid it.

27th July: Disability discrimination – creating a level playing field and your duties.

31st August: Managing ill-health absence.

28th September: Re-organising your business and running a risk free redundancy process.

5th October: Settlement: when and how to do it.

Learn more about Rebecca

Rebecca’s professional background is unique in that she worked for more than 20 years as a barrister providing legal advice, drafting and advocacy for her clients and more recently provided specialist trouble-shooting services on employment law and employee relations at a leading international HR outsourcing company.

What Rebecca doesn’t know about Employment Law really isn’t worth knowing.