Private Wealth - Pre-nuptial Agreements

At Goughs Solicitors we act for many wealthy individuals for whom protecting and passing on your wealth to your loved ones is an inevitable priority at certain points in life. Our expert team of family lawyers advise on pre-nuptial agreements to ensure that wealth passed down to children who plan to marry is protected. We also advise those who have married but have not received an early inheritance yet, and a post-nuptial agreement can be a sensible way to ensure protection for family wealth is in place before steps are taken to gift assets or money, or to transfer business assets as part of an early inheritance.

For those who have been married before, who are bringing high value assets to a marriage, are likely to inherit or receive wealth in the future, or wish to recognise the position of children from previous relationships, a pre-nuptial agreement, or a cohabitation agreement where parties do not intend to marry but will live together, is a sensible and even essential safeguard to put in place.

In recent years the law has developed to make pre-nuptial agreements very powerful documents, provided all the necessary legal requirements have been met.

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Ross Phillips

Ross is a Partner in the Family Team and Deputy Head of Private Wealth.

“Ross always gave very balanced, realistic advice and listened in a compassionate and attentive way. He managed communications with the other party in a direct no nonsense way to achieve our aims whilst proactively managing costs. I would have absolutely no hesitation recommending Ross to others and have indeed done so on many occasions .” J.E, Chippenham