Representation of high net worth individuals going through relationship breakdown

We act for individuals seeking to protect their wealth upon the breakdown of their relationship, but also represent those seeking their fair entitlement following separation in high value cases. 

Our experts will lead you through the process and strive to obtain the most beneficial outcome, which we understand is important to you particularly if you or your partner is significantly wealthy. 

It is important to obtain clear legal advice which you trust to protect your best interests before entering into financial negotiations with your ex-partner following separation.  

Whilst the same legal principles apply to all separating couples, there are significantly different ways in how these legal principles are applied to high net worth individuals.

During the divorce process the party who was not directly responsible for the accumulation of family wealth can receive a generous settlement, therefore it is all the more important that expert legal advice is sought from the outset.

It is vitally important in all cases to have full disclosure of both parties’ financial circumstances before negotiations begin and imperative to obtain expert financial and legal advice on the valuations of what can sometimes be a complicated asset base including properties, cash investments, shares, complex corporate structures and business interests, held in the UK, abroad or offshore.

When there is a clear indication that one spouse may be attempting to hide assets we employ forensic accountants to assist in uncovering the whereabouts and true value of assets that one party may have endeavoured to put beyond the reach of the other.

There are other important considerations to have in mind when negotiating the settlement to ensure that you achieve the best possible outcome for the immediate and long term future of the family.

This may include planning your children’s inheritance or the division of the family estate for their benefit in the future.  

Similarly obtaining expert advice on the liquidity of a company to raise money to fund a settlement in order to protect that asset for the future can be vitality important to ensure wealth accumulation is maintained rather than damaged.

Minimising the amount a couple pays in combined tax and fees upon the division, transfer or sale of properties, shares, pensions and business interests plays an important part in ensuring that the overall funds available to meet both parties capital and income needs now and in the future is maximised.

We act with the utmost discretion at all times and offer a free initial consultation to ensure that you are instructing the solicitor that's right for you and can help you protect your best interests from an early stage.

Please contact a member of the Private Wealth team for further information or assistance on any aspect of relationship breakdown involving high net worth assets or income.