Coronavirus - Do I need a Lasting Power of Attorney?

By Luchia Hirst, 22nd October 2020

The current pandemic has, without doubt, prompted many of us to focus our attention on the importance of putting arrangements in place, should the worst happen. As a direct result of this, there has been a large increase in the number of people wanting to prepare Lasting Powers of Attorney (LPA’s) in the event that their capacity becomes impaired, or that a further lockdown will prevent them from dealing with their affairs in the future.

The impact the pandemic has had on our day to day lives has tested many individuals’ capabilities, and with a large proportion of people shielding under government advice, this has resulted in many of them not being able to manage their affairs in the usual way. This is especially true of those self-isolating, or those suffering from ‘Long Covid’, and who may now be moving forward in their recovery but with long lasting symptoms preventing them from managing their affairs in the same way they did previously.

For these reasons an LPA can be extremely helpful during the ongoing restrictions. The types of scenario which are becoming more common might involve an elderly relative who needs to self-isolate, and has an LPA in place appointing their children as their attorneys. So long as the LPA has been drafted and registered correctly, the LPA would enable the children to deal with their parent’s affairs on their behalf such as dealing with their bank, paying bills and purchasing food. This could prove especially helpful in the oncoming winter months, if individuals feel unable to visit public places such as banks, or wish to limit their physical contact with others.

Similarly, it is also important for those of a younger generation to consider preparing LPA’s now, to cover scenarios whereby they may not have lost capacity, but for one reason or another are physically unable to deal with their affairs. The LPA would allow their attorneys to attend to matters relating to property (such as a sale or purchase), investments, bank accounts and the management of any income.

If you have not yet made an LPA, but wish to prepare one, we can still assist you in doing so whilst observing government guidelines. Goughs Solicitors have branches throughout Wiltshire and are happy to conduct face to face meetings at a safe distance, or speak with clients via phone or video call.  As well as the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney, the Private Client Team at Goughs Solicitors also offer expertise in the creation of wills, instructing later-life planning, the administration of estates, tax planning, trusts and deputyships. 

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Luchia Hirst 

Solicitor, Private Client