Farming and Employment Law

Farmers are dealing with an ever-changing landscape. As well as the pandemic, Brexit, climate change and the supermarkets driving prices up, farmers must ensure they are meeting all employment law legalities.

We are very aware of how difficult it is to maintain the health and safety required, also another potential headache for many farmers who are not only trying to deal with the day to day running of the business but trying to make sure everything is run safely, particularly where employees are on the premises. Health and safety is paramount and of course the message out there is and always will be the same, to reduce the number of injuries for farmers, workers and anyone else who is working on a farm. This includes the use of machinery, vehicles and any type of equipment required on a day to day basis.

Employment law and employment rights can be a logistical headache, and with workers who started after October 2013 being entitled to receive National Minimum Wage and other statutory minimum terms of employment, this places extra pressure on what can already be narrow profit margins. Farmers should also ensure that any agricultural workers who also have accommodation as part of their employment have in place the correct documentation covering the right of accommodation. Many farmers have found themselves in difficulty when seeking repossession from farm workers and their families, especially when the occupation has been historic, as the workers can acquire succession rights despite the employment being brought to an end.

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