Thomas Blowes

Thomas Blowes

Trainee Solicitor

Thomas joined the firm in November 2017 as a Trainee Solicitor but prior to joining, Thomas studied law at the University of Buckingham before completing a Masters of Law at the Australian National University where he specialised in Public International Law and European Union Law. He then went on to complete the Legal Practice Course at City, University of London.

Thomas' previous experience has included working as a paralegal for a boutique law firm specialising in Leasehold Enfranchisement as well as a large international law firm, both in London. Thomas has a gained a wide exposure with regards to Dispute Resolution and Litigation both internationally and domestically and understands the importance of trying to resolve disputes outside of Court.

Outside of work, Thomas is aiming to join the Army Reserves as an Officer and volunteers with the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust.

Where did you grow up?    
I moved around a lot growing up and have been fortunate to live in various countries including Scotland, Qatar and Australia. My roots however are in Wiltshire

What was your first job?    
Selling bread on a stall outside a delicatessen on Saturdays   

What are your hobbies?    
Rugby, Skiing, Angling and Shooting

What is your favourite food?    
Spaghetti Carbonara 

What is your favourite drink?    
A pint of 6X, Ribena or a cup of tea (depending on my mood and time of day)

What is your favourite film?    
The Godfather Trilogy

What is your favourite group/artist?    

What is your favourite book?    
The Shardlake series by C. J. Sansom

Your likes?    
Watching Arsenal play, friendly people and going on holidays especially to the Highlands or Italy

Your dislikes?    
Watching Arsenal play, rudeness and bad drivers

Any personal ambitions?    
To learn to speak Flemish and improve my German; go skiing in the Japanese Alps and see the Snow Monkeys; and start my own smallholding