Are you looking to write a Will? Did you know, you can get yours through the window?

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Emma Taylor, Head of the Goughs Solicitors Private Client department recognises the importance of supporting our community through these challenging times. Many of the people wishing to access Will writing services as well as other Private Client services at this time will be among the elderly and more vulnerable members of the Wiltshire community. Many people have already made the sensible decision to self-isolate making access to these services in the usual ways difficult.

The robust IT infrastructure at Goughs Solicitors has enabled staff to take instructions through mediums other than face to face meetings, such as Facetime, Skype or even Whatsapp Video meaning clients can stay safe in the comfort of their own home.

However, there are some circumstances when a lawyer will require contact with the client, whether to confirm instructions in person or to witness the signing of a document.


At clients request, the Goughs private client team have put provisions in place to enable the construction of ‘Wills Through a Window’ should you need to see someone in person. The Goughs dedicated Private client team will come to you whilst conducting the meeting and witnessing if necessary at a safe distance and through a window. Many clients are understandably concerned about face to face interaction so the lawyer can stay outside.

Emma commented, “our number one priority is the health and safety of our clients and staff and  ‘Wills through a Window’ is already making a positive impact on our clients who can have peace of mind they have a valid Will in place but also that they are not putting themselves at risk doing so.”

“Our Dementia Friends have undergone individual training to help them to identify some of the additional support someone with Dementia might need. Whether this is the client themselves or a loved one who they are trying to protect, we have the background knowledge to ensure that we identify these issues from the outset and can make the entire journey easier and more approachable for all.”

We asked Emma why it is so important to make a Will?

Preparing and keeping a Will up-to-date has become the easiest and most cost effective way of ensuring that property, possessions and affairs are dealt with in accordance with our personal wishes upon death.

  1. Make a Will to provide for your loved ones

By making a Will you can ensure that any specific intentions you have for your home, money or possessions are carried out in accordance with your wishes, avoiding unnecessary difficulties for grieving family and friends.

If you die without a Will, your estate will be distributed according to strict rules meaning the people you love may lose out.

Unmarried partners and partners who have not registered a civil partnership cannot inherit from each other unless there’s a Will so the death of a partner may create serious financial problems for the remaining partner.

  1. Make a Will to maximise any inheritance

If you are concerned about your financial legacy and the taxes your estate might be exposed to, we can evaluate your estate and your exposure and ensure that you are fully aware of the tax implications to any intentions you have for your Will. If necessary, then advising on tax or estate planning which they feel is appropriate to you.

  1. Make a Will with professional guidance for real peace of mind

Our Solicitors for the Elderly members have undertaken specific assessments to ensure that they understand the issues facing the elderly and vulnerable and can provide advice in an informed, empathetic and individual way. They are dedicated to putting people at ease when discussing complex and important issues with a plain English approach.

Please email to get in touch with the Private client team today to find out more on how we will support you or a loved one during these challenging times.


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