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Gifts to Charity

When making a Will, many people choose to make provision for a charity or charities in their Will, mainly for personal reasons, however this can also be an effective way to reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable on your estate.

Private Wealth, COVID-19 & Business

We are proud to specialise in all areas of non residential land and property acquisitions and disposals as well as business succession planning, including business restructures, refinance arrangements and preparing shareholder and partnership agreements. 

Protecting Wealth & Family Law

Partner, Ross Phillips, provides advice on the complexities of divorce and high net worth wealth.

Private Wealth, Wealth Planning & Wealth Preservation

Advice for family business owners on estate planning and wealth preservation by Phillip Bolton, Partner and Head of Private Wealth.

The Pursuit of Testamentary Freedom

It may well come as a surprise to many that their choice of who will and will not benefit from their estate is not sacrosanct or set in stone.  It is likely that most people who make a Will in the UK believe that their testamentary wishes will be...

What happens if a company's sole director/shareholder dies?

It’s not uncommon for one person to be the sole director and shareholder of a company. Therefore all the power and legal authority to make decisions for the company rests with this one individual. Upon this individual’s death, the continued...

The importance of choosing the right attorneys

Attorneys are people chosen to act on behalf of an individual (the donor) under a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). The attorneys become active in their role if a donor has lost the requisite mental capacity to make decisions for themselves. A loss of...

Protection of family and business assets upon the ending of a relationship

Each side of a couple going through separation, particularly where there are a large number of assets including family estates or business interests that have been accrued before or during the relationship, have different priorities to one another.  ...

Representation of high net worth individuals going through relationship breakdown

We act for individuals seeking to protect their wealth upon the breakdown of their relationship, but also represent those seeking their fair entitlement following separation in high value cases.  Our experts will lead you through the process and...

The importance of choosing the right executors

Executors are the people named in Wills who are tasked with administering the deceased’s estate. Executors have the task of ensuring that testamentary wishes of the person making the Will (the testator) are carried out on their death.  It is,...