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Anne Felmingham, Head of Personal Injury & Medical Negligence

We quizzed Anne Felmingham, Partner and Head of Personal Injury & Medical Negligence on her route to becoming a lawyer, how she balances a career with being a mum and what she loves about her role.

No Win No Fee: What Does It Actually Mean?

Injured at work in the last 3 years?  Was it someone else's fault? 
If you answer yes to both, it is likely you can bring a claim for compensation

Personal Injury and Medical Negligence - Myth busting

If you have suffered an accident or an injury due to the fault of another, which unfortunately is far more likely to happen during the cold winter months with treacherous road and walkway conditions, you may be surprised how easy it could be to access the...

Freedom of Choice: Choose your Lawyer carefully

Freedom of choice is not something that is generally discussed when instructing a solicitor for the first time but it is an important thing to be aware of.  Freedom of choice does exactly what it says on the tin – it allows you to choose who will...

Birth Trauma Awareness Week - 1st to 8th July 2018

Studies show that every year up to 20,000 women experience a traumatic birth and as many as 200,000 more women may feel traumatised by childbirth. Such trauma has devastating effects on women and families, with many suffering long lasting physical and...

Closure and staffing issues of maternity wards

Following Birth Trauma Awareness Week many news outlets are using the opportunity of raising awareness about birth trauma to also highlight the widespread temporary and permanent closures of maternity wards across the country.  Understandably this is...

Birth Trauma Awareness Week: A father's perspective

We spoke to Domini Barry of Open Space in Bath about her work with postnatal mothers and the effects of birth trauma.  We must however also remember that there is often a partner involved at a birth and they can also suffer from the effects of birth...