Life as an apprentice at Goughs Solicitors

Our apprentice, Jessica Hughes talks about her life as an apprentice at Goughs Solicitors.
Since starting my apprenticeship back in September 2018, working at Goughs has been a truly rewarding experience. Being the youngest person in my office, I was surrounded by hugely experienced professionals having only left college a few months before. It was intimidating at first, however, it has proven to be the best learning experience of my life as I have gained so much invaluable knowledge in the space of just six months!
In my day-to-day working life in the Private Client department, I get plenty of client facing opportunities as I sit in on meetings with clients enquiring about anything from a simple will to the most complex of estates. I get to see first hand how a fully qualified solicitor would interact with clients from all walks of life in a normal legal setting – something you can’t quite get at university. 
When I’m not doing client-facing work, I help with the administration side of things; from drafting legal documents, time recording and sending out letters to third parties. This is something that has helped massively with my understanding of the inner workings of a law firm and how things are kept running smoothly behind the scenes.  
The thing that has stood out most for me in this experience so far has been how quickly I have been accepted into the firm as an integral part of the team and how helpful everyone is. No question is too silly – and mistakes are what have helped me learn so quickly! Whilst the theory of law is extremely important, there is nothing quite like getting to work in a real, practising law firm and experiencing the practical side of things.