Health and safety at work is no accident, employers have a duty of care


We all take Health and Safety at work very seriously these days.  However, it can also easily be overlooked, which can lead to dangerous and unnecessary accidents or injuries. 

When you start a job or even if you have been in a job for quite some time, you put trust in your employers and assume they have ensured your workplace is safe.  That you are not going to come to any harm and they value your health and your safety. 

For many of us this trust may stem from our own values that we would look after others and would expect those to look after us in return. 

For example, when you walk down the street you assume the pavement is suitable for you to use, that the floors in a restaurant are clear of any spillages so you won’t slip, and that signs on the high street have been secured properly.

However, when it comes to workplace accidents, your employer has a duty of care for your safety and to ensure that you don’t come to any harm whilst carrying out your job.

Every employer has to have employers' liability insurance.  If you have suffered an accident at work that wasn’t your fault, but you feel uncertain about making a claim, just remember that the employers insurance is in place so that any compensation that arises won’t affect the business financially.  After all that is the point of insurance! 

Furthermore, the effects of your injury may impact on your standard of living far into the future. You may need compensation to get your life back on track and to pay any medical bills, consultations or examinations resulting from the accident.    

Sadly though, even with all the health and safety at work legislation in place, workplace accidents remain quite a common occurrence.  The Health and Safety Executive published their 2018 Health and Safety at work statistics and found that:

  • 1.4 million workers suffered from work-related ill health in 2017/18 (new or long-standing)
  • 26.8 million working days were lost due to work-related ill health in 2017/18
  • The annual costs of workplace injury in 2016/17 are quoted as being £5.2 billion

Many of our clients assume, quite rightly so, that they are working in an environment that is safe.  Accidents at work happen, sometimes there is no fault attached, it is simply an accident. 

However, in many instances accidents caused at work could have been prevented.  Injuries can be life changing. 

We advise on many types of accident, for example, a fall from scaffolding that might not have been secured properly and caused a back injury. 

That person can no longer work in the job they have had for 30 years. The loss of earnings has an impact upon their family, the mortgage and bills go unpaid. 

Some of our clients have injured themselves on poorly maintained machinery or machinery without a guard in place causing serious injury and have gone on to develop a chronic pain condition.

Lives are completely turned upside down because it was assumed that the very people who they were working for at the time of the incident did not put into place the proper safety measures, leaving them open to injury and life changing repercussions.

Here at Goughs we can help.  We have decades of experience working with clients who have been injured or involved in a workplace accident.

What may have started as a minor injury may progress to a serious condition that has an impact on you, your well being and that of your family.

It is often challenging to take action against an employer because of the feared risk to your job and the financial challenge of being out of work. 

At Goughs we will protect your position and talk you through the process in order to recover swift compensation, and address any treatment needs.

If you are thinking of raising a claim or would like further information regarding any of the points mentioned above, please contact a member of our Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Department team or arrange your free initial consultation today