Goughs Solicitors & The Armed Forces

By Richard Bebb, 18th June 2020 

Wiltshire is often described as a military county. The former leader of Wiltshire Council, Baroness Scott of Bybrook, described it as ‘the beating heart of the British Armed Forces’ when Salisbury hosted last year’s Armed Forces Day National Event.

Goughs Solicitors has been part of the Wiltshire landscape since 1882, and in 2015 we signed up to the Armed Forces Corporate Covenant. This is a pledge to support the armed forces community and to recognise the value that serving personnel (both regular and reservist), veterans, and military families contribute to our business and our country. Our pledge, which you can read here, sets out our commitments to this community in detail, but the key points are:

  1. An initial appointment for legal advice free of charge, if necessary outside business hours
  2. Discounted charges for all legal work, fixed fees for certain areas of law, and complete transparency and clarity on all our fees
  3. Free legal advice surgeries at appropriate armed forces community locations
  4. Free legal seminars in the same way.

So why did we decide to sign up? As a long-established Wiltshire business, we wanted to give something back to the armed forces based in our county and beyond, and we knew that we had the expertise and personal skills which would be of great benefit them. For example:

  • we have a highly experienced family law team expert in dealing with the complex issues around fair sharing of MoD pensions on divorce;
  • we have acted for many Service and MoD civilian personnel in resolving disputes relating to children;
  • we are no strangers to acting for serving forces members deployed overseas;
  • we regularly act for clients buying their homes with the benefit of the Forces Help to Buy scheme;
  • we understand the importance of appropriate Will and estate planning for service and civilian personnel;
  • and many other personal and business legal issues.

Our commitment to the armed forces and our efforts to reach out to the military community have enabled Goughs to develop good relations with key people within that community, so that our name and reputation have spread, and we’ve been able to help a large number of community members who’ve become our clients.

So, now that Armed Forces Week 2020 is here, we’re very glad to take this opportunity to reiterate the pledge at the heart of our covenant, and to recognise the immense contribution which the armed forces make to our country by saying, simply:

Thank you.

To book your free initial consultation with a member of our armed forces team, please click here, or email military@goughs.co.uk.