Fatal Accident Claims

By Anne Felmingham, 29th July 2020

On my way to visit family recently I sadly saw an accident where I knew someone had lost their life. 

I feel deeply saddened when I see or hear anyone has lost their life in an accident whether on the road or at work because I know the devastating impact this has.

I will never forget the times I have sat with people who have reached out to me asking for answers and feeling so devastated that their lives have been changed forever.

This is why I strongly believe you need to instruct the right solicitor to represent you.  The involvement I have with clients where they have lost a loved one means I get to know the family, the person who has died from listening to their family and how he or she would have lived their life.

I piece together what would have been had the accident not have happened.  I ensure the family left behind have the support they need. 

Many people who lose their life as a result of an accident are the bread winner.  A huge loss of income instantaneously with bills to be paid, mortgage or rent payable and food to put on the table.

The complexities of finding out what happened, if the police are involved, accessing funds, the funeral arrangements, inheritance issues are so much to consider when you have an overwhelming sense of feeling everything you knew has gone.

In some cases the coroner is involved and an inquest needed and in others there needs to be a criminal hearing.  

I have over 15 years of experience representing clients where their family member has been fatally injured.  The complexities of calculating lost earnings, pension losses, care needs for children and ensuring these are claimed at their highest level require specialist knowledge.

I have a team of barristers and forensic accountants who can be instructed where the claim is complex, high value and may go to Court.

Get in touch if you have lost a loved one, I can help. If you have instructed someone who you feel is not advising you as you had hoped I can also arrange to transfer your papers to Goughs.

Anne is a partner at Goughs Solicitors and Head of Personal Injury & Medical Negligence. Anne and her team will support you and work on your case to ensure you always have someone to speak to.  All clients are met in person or by video, we offer a no win no fee funding arrangement and your first meeting is free.

If you need to talk you know where we are. Please don't hesitate to call us on 01249 444499, email annefelmingham@goughs.co.uk, or complete our short online form to arrange a meeting.

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