Chronic pain and family life

Chronic pain can have a profound influence on family life and relationships. 

Families can find it very difficult having to watch a loved one suffer and being unable to help.  A person suffering with this illness and their close family members can often see this as a grieving process over the loss of the person they once were.    

Furthermore a family member can become a carer and this can be a challenge in itself.  Some people require daily help in the form of personal care, for example helping to shower and go to the toilet. 

Other daily tasks are often required as well, like meal preparation and food shopping.  These tasks can be done lovingly, but they can also create resentment.  Needing to care for someone can sometimes feel overwhelming. 

At times, the person providing the care may also be responsible for other family members, including children who may be too young to understand what is happening.  

Not only is there the physical aspect of caring for someone with a chronic pain condition, there can also be a financial strain.  It could be that the person suffering with the condition was the main breadwinner and is no longer able to work, or had to give up their job to become a full time carer. 

Although there may be help in the form of carer’s allowance, sometimes this is just not enough, especially with children. 

CRPS is a debilitating and difficult condition and it is important for those supporting someone with CRPS to talk to friends and family in order to share their emotions and fears so that they can support the person with CRPS.

Here at Goughs, we have a specialist chronic pain team who recognise how essential it is to have the right rehabilitation in place.  We can seek treatment for spouses and there are also support groups focusing on the family of a person with this illness. 

Throughout the claims process we support our clients and help them regain some independence and balance in their lives.  For example, interim payments for CBT, EMDR and even to help pay the bills.  

Our purpose is not just to secure compensation for our clients but to help them and their families through what some may say is the worst time of their lives. 

For more information on chronic pain please visit the dedicated chronic pain section on our website today.  Our lawyers are specialists in chronic pain conditions and are used to bringing claims for multi-million pound sums on behalf of chronic pain victims.

We encourage you to take advantage of our free initial consultation and we will come to see you at home, at work or anywhere in England and Wales to discuss your claim on a no win no fee basis. 

We take the time to really understand what you are going through and will explain exactly how we can help.

We listen, we advise, we are here for you.