Chronic Pain Compensation Claims

Why you MUST instruct a specialist lawyer

By Anne Felmingham, 29th July 2020

I have spoken with a few people recently who are looking to move their claim to Goughs. I felt compelled to write about this because the same themes crop up and as a specialist chronic pain solicitor I can make a difference.

The main subject area is the absolute desperation they feel from having a lawyer who has no experience of chronic pain claims and the lack of understanding.

During all of my conversations I am told that they have never had the level of advice or understanding I have given during the entirety of their claim. In some cases their claim is too far along the timetable to be salvaged and for others we take the claim on and transform it.

The main points I have heard over the years are always the same:

  1. They have been referred to their lawyer via their insurance company or a firm who has no knowledge of conducting chronic pain claims
  2. They are just a number and never have received any personal service
  3. Their claim started as a case involving a soft tissue injury, break, fracture or crush injury, but, the symptoms are no longer explained by the orthopaedic expert
  4. They have never met their lawyer and so proper understanding of their situation is never gained
  5. Their lawyer rarely spends much time with them on the phone
  6. The wrong experts have been instructed
  7. A barrister with no expertise in chronic pain is instructed
  8. A low offer has been proposed in settlement
  9. Witness statements from them or their family are not taken by the lawyer and a third party is sent out using a standard form to complete
  10. Medical records are not forensically reviewed which means the experts cannot be instructed properly

All of these put together cause misery and many have cried on the phone to me asking for help.

What next:

  1.  If you have a claim and your injuries are diagnosed with chronic pain you need to be confident your lawyer has the expertise to carry on your case.  You have the right to choose your solicitor and transferring your claim elsewhere is straightforward.  Ask us.
  2. If you are need to bring a claim and you already have knowledge of this being a chronic pain condition such as fibromyalgia, complex regional pain syndrome then you can instruct us.
  3. If we can take your claim on we will.
  4. We have successfully secured life changing compensation for our clients where low offers were made, we can get you the best outcome possible
  5. We will instruct the best chronic pain experts in the country, and barristers who do this type of work day in day out.
  6. We meet every one of our clients and spend a lot of time with them.


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