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Fallen Out of Love with Your Job?

By  Kevin Basnett , 27th February 2021 Historically the employment relationship has been stigmatised, for good reason, with thinking that it is a very one-sided affair in terms of the power relationship.  If you are old enough to remember...

The future of the high street

By Olivia Holden , 26th February 2020 The Future of the high street The recent acquisition of Topshop by online retailer ASOS is yet a further blow for traditional high street retailers. Online giant ASOS has acquired the Topshop brand, together with...

Gig, Uber, Worker, Employee - In a nutshell

By Kevin Basnett , 21st February 2021 On Friday 19th February 2021 the Supreme Court issued its Judgment in the long running case of Uber BV and others (Appellants) -v- Aslam and others (Respondents) [2021] UKSC 5. On appeal from: [2018] EWCA Civ 2748...

As an employer - you can do anything

In this provocative particle by Managing Partner, Kevin Basnett, we address the difference between unlawful and illegal actions, question why sometimes being unlawful is necessary and separates good business from great businesses and how Goughs Solicitors can support you in becoming one of the greats.

Redundancy, Severance Deals and Settlement Agreements

Learn all about Redundancy, Severance Deals and Settlement Agreements as businesses restructure following the pandemic and lockdowns.

Lockdowns, Furlough & Job Security

By  Kevin Basnett , 4th February 2020 Many of us as employees will be well aware of the concerns surrounding job security and income reduction due to the Coronavirus pandemic.  Many employers are struggling to maintain pre-Covid work levels or...

The End of Furlough - Restructuring, Reorganisation and Redundancy

By Kevin Basnett , 26th January 2020 The Furlough Scheme (or, to give its full title the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme) will end on 30th April 2021. It has been extended several times, but this may truly be the end. This leaves us with a firm date...

Online Probate Service

Many people are not aware that solicitors can handle any stage of the administration process on your behalf, or simply assist with the stages you find most challenging.

COVID-19 and Vaccinating Children

Covid-19 Vaccine – Where does Law stand if parents cannot agree to vaccinate their child?

What to do when someone dies

By Luchia Hirst , 15th January 2021 A step by step guide to help you in knowing what to do when someone dies. Working out what to do when you have just lost a loved one can seem an incredibly overwhelming prospect. At Goughs we would be pleased to...
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