Tax Planning

It is becoming more important for us all to consider tax when making future life decisions. From Inheritance Tax to Capital Gains tax and Income tax, our lives are becoming more and more complex and the taxation implications of what we once thought were simple ideas may now be much more complex.

How Can a Solicitor Support Tax Planning?

Solicitors can advise on a variety of taxation issues revolving around Estate Planning, in particular what the tax implications are of various future life planning strategies, such as creating a trust fund for your loved ones, or being a beneficiary of a trust already.

You may also be considering making some gifts during your lifetime and want to know what the allowances are available to you and what the implications are of making such a gift.

Goughs Solicitors and Tax Planning

At Goughs, we can advise on how to take advantage of the various reliefs and exemptions available to you, including ensuring that any allowances which can be transferred between spouses are available.

The laws on taxation change constantly and up to date advice on consideration is vital.

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