Disputes and Claims Against an Estate

When a loved one passes away things are never easy, but if you have concerns over the terms of their Will or the circumstances in which it was prepared this can make things even harder.

What Constitutes a Claim Against An Estate?

You may feel that the terms of the Will do not ring true to the intentions of the deceased or that they may have been pressure applied to them at the time of preparing the Will. Or you may simply feel that the terms of the Will are unfair.

Contesting a Will – If you have concerns about the circumstances surrounding the preparation of the Will and the validity of the Will document itself

Contesting the Administration of the Estate – If you have concerns about how an estate is or is not being administered

Inheritance Act Claims – If you have been excluded from a Will or have not been left a reasonable sum considering your needs.

Instructing a Solicitor To Support in Claims Against an Estate

At Goughs Solicitors, we are able to advise of the difference between the various issues you may be facing and to provide clear advice on the options available to you. 

We realise that disputes of this nature will often involve disputes within the family and so can be particularly difficult. We can assist whether you have any of the above concerns, or if you are administering an estate where others have some concerns and do not know how best to proceed.

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