Medical Negligence

There may be a myriad of reasons as to why you are thinking about bringing a medical negligence claim. 

Whilst we specialise in a wide range of medical negligence claims, we do have a particular focus on the following: 

Perhaps you just want answers, or you are angry with the way in which you were treated and you have been left with injuries as a result of what you believe was substandard care.

We know that there are risks when you seek medical treatment and we also know that mistakes can happen.  However, we also know that to understand whether you can bring a claim you need clear advice and understanding from your legal representative.

Medical negligence claims are complex and therefore require specialist lawyers who understand the procedures involved.  Bringing a claim will ultimately rely upon having the right Barrister or medical experts involved to ensure that your case is represented by a highly experienced team. 

We can offer you this team approach.  We can also offer you the support you will need for as long as it takes to properly gather all of the evidence to bring your case. 

Every case is assessed on the information we are provided by yourself, the medical records which are obtained on your behalf, and the initial medical report dealing with negligence itself.  If negligence is proven and liability is admitted then we will help you obtain the right support for any ongoing care needs, accommodation costs and rehabilitation requirements. 

We are more than happy to discuss with you any questions you might have about bringing a claim.  Please contact a member of the Personal Injury and Medical Negligence Department or arrange your free initial consultation today.

We also have a frequently asked questions page which covers some of the funding options available, which will of course be discussed when we meet. 

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