The Brave Face of Chronic Pain

There is a clear difference between chronic pain and acute pain. Often our understanding of pain is that it reflects a problem with our bodies or where something has been broken.  Generally, when the problem is fixed the pain abates. 

Where chronic pain is involved the pain continues and it is very difficult for the person experiencing the pain to understand why this is happening, especially when to many other people they appear to look absolutely fine.

Unfortunately, the affect can be ongoing, the feeling of pain can worsen and in fact can spread from limb to limb, or throughout the body depending on what type of chronic pain condition you have been diagnosed with. 

Most of the time the chronic pain does feature some form of nerve damage and can be brought on as a result of a traumatic injury, which may involve a fracture or a break, or perhaps a whiplash injury which does not recover and cannot be explained by your GP. 

It may well be that you have had surgery but the site has healed well and you continue to suffer with pain and this is spreading.  There are numerous reasons why you may suffer with pain.

Unfortunately, chronic pain is not a particularly well known condition and tends to be treated by way of medication or alternative therapies.  Many of our clients suffer with the frustrations of not receiving a diagnosis, or it taking quite some time to be diagnosed, and many report feeling like they have not been believed by their medical team.

Chronic pain conditions can be very isolating and overwhelming, not only for the person involved but also for their entire family and friends. 

If you have been injured and know this is the cause of your chronic pain, or perhaps you suspect you have chronic pain from an injury and you continue to suffer with pain, it is important that you contact our specialist pain lawyers at Goughs.

At Goughs our specialist chronic pain lawyers are highly experienced and can help you understand your condition and will always seek the opinion of top medical experts and leading barristers to reinforce your claim.

This approach allows us to build a strong case, ensuring that you feel safe in the knowledge that we are in the best possible position to try to secure compensation that will assist you for the rest of your life.

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