Somatoform Disorder

Somatoform disorder (SFD) is a psychological condition which represents itself in the form of physical symptoms of illness or injury.

Those affected by SFD are often ignored and told “the pain is all in your head” or worse that they are malingering/making it up.  The point is that if someone believes they have pain, despite an absence of an obvious/organic/physical cause, that person should be compensated in the same way. 

The impact of SFD is as far reaching and devastating as any physical injury.  Where compensation is concerned and with no physical explanation for the pain, those with SFD will be subject to scrutiny by compensating insurers. Getting the right legal team on your side is therefore essential.

“No one believes me!”

Clients we represent with SFD will often have been dismissed by the medical profession after ruling out organic causes of pain.  It may be that psychological treatment in the form of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) would be beneficial, however, often access to specialist mental health services is limited on the NHS and expensive to pay for privately. 

If the symptoms of pain have arisen as a result of an accident or injury we will closely analyse medical records and detailed witness evidence to help to build a case to demonstrate how you functioned before the accident.

We will fight to show that the symptoms are real.  These claims are complex, therefore, if you have been told “the pain is in your head,” you need to speak to our specialist pain lawyers at Goughs.

Interim payments

We will fight to offset financial hardship by securing interim funds against the compensating insurers and have regularly succeeded in making insurers pay interim payments where liability for an accident is admitted.


Where advised we will seek to secure funding to arrange private treatment. Often we can agree the need for treatment under the Rehabilitation Code, which enables insurers to fund treatment, even if investigation of liability is ongoing.  

Why choose Goughs?

At Goughs we care about each of our clients and will get to know you well throughout the life of your case.  We offer no win no fee arrangements, a free initial consultation and will visit you at home, at work or anywhere in England and Wales.

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