Complex Regional Pain Syndrome

Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) is a chronic pain condition.  Previously known by other names such as reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), this condition is caused by an injury to the sympathetic nerves. 

Diagnosis is often missed or delayed despite clear characteristics which include discolouration of the affected area, sensitivity to touch and temperature changes, hair growth and hair, skin and nail changes. 

As well as these objective characteristics patients will describe burning severe pain, pins and needles and dystonia/muscle spasms. Often symptoms are worse at night, but can be present all of the time.

McGill pain scale image

CRPS has been classed as one of the most painful conditions a human can experience. 

The McGill pain scale was developed at the University by the same name, which allows patients to give doctors a good measurement of their pain. 

CRPS, as can be seen from the above image, lists CRPS at the top of the scale above natural childbirth. 

This all-consuming condition will impact on the whole family often resulting in the loss of income, but, also the loss of the family unit, usually due to the high level of care and assistance needed on a daily basis.

Due to the extreme nature of pain and discomfort almost every patient will suffer from depression and anxiety, not helped by the extent of fatigue caused by broken sleep and the side effects of strong pain medication. 

What can we do to help?

At Goughs our experienced and specialist chronic pain lawyers understand what you are going through.  We will first have to establish liability against the persons responsible and subject to an admission of liability and suitable insurance we will:

  1. Look to secure interim payments to offset financial hardship.
  2. Where appropriate arrange an immediate needs assessment via specialist rehab agencies funded by the defendant's insurers.
  3. Where appropriate arrange a case conference with a specialist barrister to plan the gathering of evidence and to look to fully understand your circumstances.
  4. Secure the best medical advice from a range of experts including pain management consultants, orthopaedic experts, psychiatrists/psychologists, care/occupational therapists and forensic accountants.
  5. Prepare detailed witness statements of all affected parties and prepare a detailed schedule of financial losses both past and future.


It may well be that your home will require adaptation and improvement as a result of your condition.  Through rehabilitation agencies we can seek to enable independent living and allow you to resume a more ‘normal’ life with less reliance on your loved ones.


Typically we would look to secure funding for your future care needs so that you can have commercial care, rather than relying solely of your loved ones.  We understand that there are certain things you don’t want your nearest and dearest to have to do involving personal care. We are well used to assisting people going through these difficult times and will be available to advise and reassure you as required. 


Ultimately, we will look to secure a large settlement which will give you life long security and funding for the future.  We have had great success in securing large settlements on behalf of clients and have extensive experience of handling multi-million pound claims.

Why choose Goughs?

We are careful to ensure that our lawyers are not overloaded with work, that way you'll receive the excellent level of personal service you require and we'll be able to take the time to get to know you and what you’re really going through. 

We offer a free initial consultation on a no win no fee basis and will gladly meet you at your home, at any of our offices or at any location convenient  to you, wherever you are in England or Wales.

We listen, we advise, we are here for you.

“Paul conducted his work in an efficient and professional manner.  His foresight was truly remarkable.  My case was successful due to his dedication, knowledge and perseverance”. 

S T, Market Lavington