The Brave Face of Chronic Pain

We understand what you are going through

Our specialist pain lawyers are recognised nationally for our work in chronic pain and have built up years of knowledge and expertise. 

Whilst we specialise in a wide range of chronic pain conditions and claims, we do have a particular focus on the following: 

We can also help if you are:

or perhaps you need:

We really do understand what you are going through and are with you every step of the way.  Why not read our case study Life and times of a CPRS victim

"I have been able to see Paul Turner on many occasions so he can see how I have been affected and he ensures that the right experts are instructed.  I feel a sense of relief when speaking with him, because it can be quite lonely when no one understands how you feel and you are expected to just get on with life."

    Arrange your free initial consultation today on a no win, no fee basis.

    If you are unable to visit our offices, you can instruct us from anywhere within England and Wales and we will come to you meet with you instead. Whether that's at home, at work or anywhere that's convenient to you.

    You will receive a call, meet with us and have a case conference with a leading barrister. Most lawyers don’t meet their clients but we do. 

    At Goughs our experienced and specialist chronic pain lawyers will first have to establish liability against the persons responsible, and subject to an admission of liability and suitable insurance, we will:

    1. Look to secure interim payments to offset financial hardship.
    2. Arrange an immediate needs assessment via specialist rehab agencies funded by the defendant's insurers.
    3. Arrange a case conference with a specialist barrister to plan the gathering of evidence and to look to fully understand your circumstances.
    4. Secure the best medical advice from a range of experts including pain management consultants, orthopaedic experts, psychiatrists/psychologists, care/occupational therapists and forensic accountants.
    5. Prepare detailed witness statements of all affected parties and prepare a detailed schedule of financial losses both past and future.

    Why choose Goughs?

    At Goughs we care about each of our clients and will get to know you well throughout the life of your case.  We offer no win no fee arrangements, a free initial consultation and will visit you at home, at work or anywhere within England and Wales.

    We listen, we advise, we are here for you.