Personal Injury

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At Goughs Solicitors, we have a team dedicated to helping you gain access to the compensation you are entitled to following an accident or injury that wasn’t your fault. We've helped assist clients all over the UK.

A Personal Injury lawyer will provide expert advice and get you the care you need whilst always keeping the best interests of you and your family at the heart of all decisions. Claims can be complex and difficult to understand, but our person-centred approach means everything will be explained in detail so you are comfortable at every step of the process.

What Is No Win No Fee?

We operate a no win no fee service. How the cost of your claim will be paid will be explained in detail at our first meeting as well as what to expect from us and the claims process. 

Types of Claims we Specialise In

There are many ways in which you can be injured and we have experience in a vast range of accident types.  This can be anything from an accident at work to being bitten by a dog.  Perhaps you were injured in a public place? Or involved in a road traffic accident? Perhaps you were even injured as a result of a criminal act.

Whatever has happened, we will discuss your case with you and assess whether we can work together to bring a claim.

Anne & Paul on types of personal injury claims

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