Notary Services

What is a Notary Public?

A Notary Public is a specially qualified individual who is authorised to certify both legal and commercial documents to be used abroad. 

A Notary’s seal and signature is internationally recognised as evidence of a legal officer and verifies that the document in question has been properly executed and all relevant checks have been carried out.

The services of a Notary Public are crucial to international legal matters and we are able to offer a full range of notary services though our fully qualified and highly experienced Notary Public, Isabel Figueiredo.

How can a Notary Public help me or my business?

As an individual you may need:

  • Signatures witnessed.
  • Personal documents authenticated in order to marry abroad or for immigration and emigration purposes. 
  • Powers of attorney prepared and witnessed.
  • Assistance with documents relating to the purchase or sale of land and property abroad. 

For business clients you may be:

  • Authenticating document for setting up a business abroad.
  • Trading with foreign countries.
  • In need of the creation and authentication of company and business documents and transactions.
  • Transferring shares or opening foreign bank accounts.

When it comes to international legal matters, we can help.  Isabel’s signature and seal will verify to the authorities in any country that all relevant checks have been carried out and that the documents and services provided are correct and authentic. 

Isabel is also registered at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the event that the documents need to be legalised with an Apostille. Giving you real peace of mind and confidence.

To arrange your consultation please contact Isabel by calling 01249 812086 or email