Birth Injuries

Pregnancy and Birth injuries may arise as a direct result of a medical mistake by your health care team.

They are often complex due to legal and medical issues involved. It is a stressful and emotional process for the family, for which we can provide the level of support needed. Call the team today on 01249 444499, email or complete our online enquiry form to arrange your free no win, no fee assessment.

Our medical negligence team has successfully concluded many birth injury and pregnancy claims, including the following:

  • Brain Injuries
  • Negligence arising from mismanagement of labour or delivery
  • Failure to properly treat or diagnose tears
  • Death of the mother or neonatal death
  • Damage from an epidural or an episiotomy
  • Failure to properly treat or diagnose post natal depression or post partum psychosis
  • Failure to properly provide care or diagnose during pregnancy
  • Cauda equina

Birth injuries can be short-lived, long-term and life-changing; but irrespective of time the effects are prominent. The same level of investigation and knowledge is required.

It may also be that the result of the negligence are not immediately apparent it may not be noticed when your child for example does not reach anticipated developmental stages and at this time a diagnosis can be made.

We do not claim to understand what families are going through as a result of any negligence involved in the pregnancy and birth of a child. But we do understand your needs and endeavour to help in the best way we can by securing the highest award possible; to help meet the needs of your child and your family for the short and long term future.

Achieving the best possible award can help gain the highest level of rehabilitation, care, therapy and education for your child’s complex needs required for the remainder of their lives.

Our medical negligence team at Goughs provide a face to face, personal service for the entire length of your claim.

Our expertise is second to none. Partner and Head of Department, Anne Felmingham, has first hand experience in pregnancy, birth and the post natal period as a trained antenatal and post natal specialist. Her knowledge gives her the understanding of real life situations and assessing if you have a case to bring.

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