Want to be our charity of the year? Apply now!

We have launched a brand new application process for charities to apply to become Charity of the Year for 2021/2022. 

Each year, we work closely with carefully selected official charity partners helping to both raise awareness and funds for some extremely worthy causes. However, this year the application process has changed, rather than researching the charities internally any charity has a chance to come forward and explain how the partnership could benefit their cause. 

We have a strong track record of building successful corporate partnerships with their respective Charities of the Year, having supported a wide variety of causes over the years. All of our staff are passionate about getting involved in a varied and creative mix of fundraising efforts, both organised by themselves and their partner charities. 

Head of charity, Emma Taylor says: “There are so many deserving causes across Wiltshire so it’s always such a difficult decision for us to select one. This is why we have revamped the process so we can get to know the charities better and make a better informed decision.”

With our Charity of the Year initiative, we aim to apply our Goughs Values of Trust, Teamwork, Engagement, Excellence and Accountability by supporting charitable causes who are making a tangible difference within the Wiltshire communities we work.

All charities are welcomed to apply for the charity of the year. Charities that would like to be considered should complete the online or paper application that can be found on the Goughs website: https://www.goughs.co.uk/site/about_us/charity_of_the_year/apply-to-be-our-charity-of-the-year where they will be asked to outline how they would make the most of the partnership and what ideas they have to raise funds and awareness.

If you’re interested in applying to be our charity of the year, you can find out more information here or directly apply here. 

Applications for the 21/22 charity of the year close on the 31st of December.