Collaborative Law

What Is Collaborative Law?

The Collaborative Law process encourages divorcing or separating couples to work together with the support of specially trained Collaborative lawyers, communicating effectively to achieve certain goals. It promotes respect between the parties, places the needs of children first and keeps control of the process with the couple.

An integral part of the process is that the parties and their solicitor sign an agreement at the outset, confirming they will not go to court. A series of ‘four-way’ meetings then take place which  involve both parties and their lawyers. Each person has the support, protection and guidance of his or her own lawyer throughout.

The Collaberative approach encourages communication and the full disclosure of facts identifying possible ‘flash points’. Lawyers then aim to guide couples to a settlement. It helps to prevent parties becoming too positional and allows more creative solutions.

What are the benefits of Collaborative Law?

  • It can strengthen and help maintain long term relationships
  • Reduce the emotional strain on families
  • Provides couples with support and enables them to build healthier relationships
  • Protects children from disputes and avoids the uncertainty of litigation.

Will Collaborative Law work for me?

The Collaborative process itself relies on couples who can work together in an open and cooperative manner. It will succeed if you and your partner agree that you want:

  • An amicable, respectful resolution of your issues
  • The ability to make your own joint decisions about financial and child care arrangements
  • To protect an amicable relationship after divorce
  • To establish a healthy and mutually beneficial co-parenting relationship
  • To protect children from hostility, ill feeling and disruption.

The Collaborative process is flexible and will vary in order to meet your specific needs. In general most people require between two and six meetings to resolve their issues. 

No other professional conflict resolution assistance is as inventive, efficient or economical as Collaborative law for such a broad range of people facing separation or divorce.

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