Could you be our next Charity of the Year?

What we would like to offer you and how you can help us make our partnership a success

With our Charity of the Year initiative, we aim to apply our Goughs Values of Trust, Teamwork, Engagement, Excellence and Accountability beyond our immediate reach by supporting charitable causes making a tangible difference within the Wiltshire communities we serve and with them, our clients and employees.

What we can offer our Charity of the Year

At Goughs we have a strong track record of building successful corporate partnerships with our respective Charities of the Year, having supported a wide variety of causes over the years. Our teams are passionate about getting involved in a varied and creative mix of fundraising efforts, both organised by ourselves and our partner charities. Beyond this we are keen to actively and regularly engage with you throughout the year to explore ways to work together, keeping our relationship dynamic and making the most of our twelve months of collaboration.

In our experience, truly engaging our whole workforce in our charity partnerships is crucial for making the most of the Charity of the Year cooperation. Where this has previously worked well, for example has been through volunteering opportunities for our colleagues which have proven to be a fantastic way of building a deeper and more enduring relationship between our organisations. We are also keen to hear about any events or initiatives you are planning and will encourage and support our colleagues to contribute in any way they can.

What you can do to help us make our partnership a success

Working with our respective Charities of the Year has been a fulfilling and rewarding experience for all of us in the past and we are grateful for the opportunities we have been given to get involved. In essence, all we would like to ask from you is your enthusiasm for our partnership. A passion for sharing your purpose and goals with our colleagues as well as proactiveness to help us foster collaboration in a variety of ways are important to us. We believe that a dynamic and engaging approach to working together from the start is a main ingredient for the continued fantastic results we achieve with our Charity of the Year initiative.

To find out more about the application process, please click here.

To apply to become our next Charity of the Year, please click here.