The future has never been so uncertain, but you can be certain of your future with Goughs

At Goughs Solicitors our Private Client team can help you plan for the unexpected; through the preparation of Lasting Powers of Attorney, a Will or future care planning.

Whether you’re concerned about what the future holds, or worried about how you can plan for the unknown, we have the expertise to help.

With our wealth of knowledge, our legal experts can help you plan and protect your family’s future and ensure your wishes are fulfilled should the unexpected occur.

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Goughs Solicitors was established in 1882

Since then the firm has evolved beyond recognition.  We have seven offices in Calne, Corsham, Chippenham, Greenways, Devizes, Melksham and Trowbridge.

You can find one of our highly experienced and knowledgeable Private Client Advisors in each of our offices, who can help you with all areas of future planning, from making Lasting Powers of Attorney and Wills to Estate Planning or planning for potential future care and fees.

Lasting Powers of Attorneys – Make an LPA to plan for the future

Whilst few of us want to think of a future where we can’t make decisions ourselves, having an LPA will ensure that your loved ones can easily protect your best interests without the additional stress of going to court.

Most people assume their spouse or family members can automatically make decisions for them when they become unable to do so themselves. Unfortunately this isn’t the case, only an LPA gives the necessary legal authority to your loved ones to manage your affairs on your behalf.

Planning ahead sooner rather than later can save time, money and worry for those trying to manage your affairs if you lose the capacity to manage these yourself.

What is an LPA?

A Lasting Power of Attorney is a legal document which allows you to appoint one or more persons (‘Attorneys’) to act on your behalf in a variety of situations, ranging from managing financial affairs to refusing medical treatment. It allows you to choose in advance who you would like to make these important decisions, should you ever lose the capacity to make them yourself.

It’s also possible to add in guidance and preferences so that your attorneys are conscious of any issues or beliefs which are important to you.

“An LPA allows the people you trust to step in and act quickly, easily and legally in order to manage your affairs.”

When is the right time to make an LPA?

LPA’s are relevant to all adults of any age, a person who loses capacity at a young age could have many years when an LPA is a central part of making decisions in their best interests.

It’s crucial to have an LPA drawn up whilst you still have the mental capacity. Otherwise it may be left to the Court to decide who should be given this responsibility and this may not be the individual(s) you would have chosen yourself. Don’t wait for signs of physical or mental decline before setting up an LPA as it may be too late.

Many people wrongly assume that because they have set up an LPA, they have lost control, however you can specify whether it can be used either before, or only when, you lose mental capacity.

The hope is that the document will never need to be used, however you will have peace of mind that it’s in place should it ever be required.

What are the 2 types of LPAs?

  • Health and Welfare LPA

Allows your attorneys to make decisions about any medical issues, your care, life sustaining treatment and even your daily diet.

  • Property and Financial LPA

Allows your attorneys to make decisions about your money, bank accounts, and even buying and selling property on your behalf.

Although it is difficult to think about the possibility of losing capacity, and how we might cope within managing our financial affairs, it is important to plan for the future.

At Goughs, our Private client team can protect you and your family and provide certainty for the future.

Perhaps you are concerned about how you are going to fund your later life, or about the ever increasing cost of care and how this might affect what you leave behind for your loved ones.

At Goughs we can provide a full range of future life planning services including Wills, Trusts, LPA’s and Inheritance Tax Planning to help protect both you and your family’s future.

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