Supporting RUH Forever Friends Wills Month

Goughs Solicitors are supporting the Royal United Hospital, Bath, Forever Friends Wills Month.

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When is Forever Friends Wills Month?

Every November marks the Forever Friends Wills Month. The initiative encourages those that have been avoiding making or updating their wills to do just that and get them done, whilst at the same time, providing care for local people.  

What is it?

You have the opportunity to have your Will drawn up by expert Solicitors at a reduced cost which is donated directly to Forever Friends.

“We take huge pride in supporting our local communities, particularly the most vulnerable within them. 2020 has been a challenging year for everyone, especially those who may have struggled to get out due to self-isolating. We therefore quickly responded to our client’s needs by ensuring wills and other documents were signed legally, yet safely and with full peace of mind for everyone involved. These procedures mean we are in the best possible position to be able to assist in this year’s RUH Wills Month. As winter swiftly approaches, we are still uncertain about what measures may or may not be necessary, but we are fully confident that we will be able to support as many clients as possible for such a worthy cause.” 

Emma Taylor, Partner and Head of Private Client and Charity

How does it work?

You will be asked to make a payment of £125 for a single standard Will or £175 for a mirror Will. Please make cheques payable to the ‘RUH Charitable Fund’ and hand it to your solicitor at your first appointment.

A 2021 update

We were delighted to receive this feedback. “I just wanted to forward a huge thank you from The Speech and Language Therapy department at the RUH, on behalf of our patients and their families, for the huge contribution you have made towards our new FEES equipment . Thanks to your substantial efforts – RUH Will Month has raised to date an amazing £23,000 towards the portable machine. Thank you for your support during such a challenging time of a second lockdown.

I wanted to share with you the wonderful news that the equipment has now been ordered and we are very excited to use it in the assessment and treatment of patients with swallowing difficulties.”

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