Have you made your Will yet? What are you waiting for?

At Goughs, our team of expert advisors can help you take those first steps to making a Will.

Whether you are concerned about making provision for your growing family, need to speak to someone to help you plan ahead to fund your later life needs, or would like advice about Inheritance Tax or care home funding, we have the expertise to help.

With our wealth of knowledge, our legal experts can help you plan and protect you and your family’s future to ensure your wishes are fulfilled.

Writing a Will is the only way to be absolutely certain that your wishes are followed after you have died. However, it is usually establishing what your wishes really are and how you can even achieve them that prevent many people from attempting to make a Will.

We can help to identify the real issues and to explore the options with you.

Topics to be answered in this article

Growing family – Make a Will to provide for your loved ones

You may have concerns about how best to provide for your family, or have vulnerable beneficiaries and therefore be struggling to find a solution that will provide for everybody you care about.

At Goughs we offer all our Will clients a face to face appointment so that we can discuss the concerns and issues you have and establish those objectives which are most important to you before exploring the options available to you in your Will.

Later life – Make a Will to plan ahead for your future

Perhaps you are concerned about how you are going to fund your later life, or about the ever increasing cost of care and how this might effect what you have to pass on. We can explain some of the more complex provisions to you and how these might affect you.

At Goughs we can provide the full range of future life planning services including Wills, Trusts, LPAs, and Inheritance Tax Planning. We can help to plan and protect your family’s future.

Tax – Make a Will to maximise any inheritance

If you are concerned about your financial legacy and the taxes your estate might be exposed to, we can evaluate your estate and your exposure and ensure that you are fully aware of the tax implications to any intentions you have for your Will and if necessary advise on tax or estate planning which we feel is appropriate to you. If you are thinking about making a Will, but aren’t sure how to take those first steps then please contact us today. At Goughs we can offer a helping hand, assist with a difficult stage or take responsibility for the whole process. 

STEP – Make a Will with professional guidance for real peace of mind

At Goughs the Society and Estate Practitioner (STEP) qualified members of our team, known as TEP Lawyers, are experts in their field. Having qualified as members of this international membership organisation they have access through STEP to all the latest technical information and training.

TEP lawyers have to complete regular continued professional development to ensure that they maintain and build on their knowledge and skills gain through completing the STEP qualification. This means they will provide you with detailed tax and estate planning advice based on the latest developments in the law. 


Our Solicitors for the Elderly members have undertaken specific assessments to ensure that they understand the issues facing the elderly and vulnerable and can provide advice in an informed, empathetic and individual way. They are dedicated to putting people at ease when discussing complex and important issues with a plain English approach. 

Dementia friends

Our Dementia Friends have undergone individual training to help them to identify some of the additional support someone with Dementia might need. Whether this is the client themselves or a loved one who they are trying to protect, we have the background knowledge to ensure that we identify these issues from the outset and can make the entire journey easier and more approachable for all. 

Our team is here for you…

Often people believe that making a Will is complicated and expensive. Nothing could be further from the truth. At Goughs we can prepare a simple Will for you with fairly brief instructions.

If your estate is more complicated we are perfectly placed to advise you of the best and most effective way to arrange your affairs to ensure your wishes are carried out, without causing unnecessary problems for your beneficiaries.

For the most up-to-date information and advice tailored to your personal circumstances, speak to a member of our Private Client team today.

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